Tuesday, August 03, 2010

CHA 2010 - Papertrey Ink Kites

I had an AWESOME time in Chicago attending the CHA Supershow.  By far, the highlight was getting to the Papertrey Ink booth.  I wanted to share all of the kites that hung around their booth.  I am always delighted to see new things made by the fabulous design team.  I was hoping that all the Design Team would share these on their blogs.   So without further ado . . . the Papertrey Ink Design Team Kites from CHA 2010.

I am guessing this is Lisa Johnson's.  ????  Hopefully, I will find out.

Heather posted about this kite on her blog.

I am guessing this is Nicole's.  Just a guess though.  :)

I was talking to Nicole and Dawn guessing whose kites these were.  So, I know that this one is definitely Betsy's.  And no surprise, probably my favorite.

My guess on this kite is Michelle. -- Yes, this is Michelle's.  She posted about it on her blog.

Dawn posted about her kite on her blog.

I am only guessing.  This just screams Niki to me.  -- Updated: Niki posted about her kite on her blog.

I had originally guessed this could be Dawn's.  So, I have no idea now. - This belongs to Maile Belles.  She posted about it on her blog.

My guess is that this belongs to Melissa.

Thank you for looking at some great craftiness.  I wish I could take credit for one of these, but I cannot.  :)  But, I wanted to post them anyway for your viewing pleasure.


Noora said...

Thank you for sharing the pics for us CHA deprived peeps..:)

Amy said...

Thanks so much for posting these pics for those of us that didnt' make the trip!

Gayatri said...

Gorgeous kite pictures! Love the butterfly one a lot. Glad you had a good time, leAnn!

Sue Ann said...

Thanks so much for sharing ...... what do you think the sized were on the kites?? That would make a great decoration for a girly kiddie party!!!

peggysue said...

Weren't the kites fun? I loved every single one of them, thanks for sharing the pics!

Nadine said...

Thanks for sharing the kite pics! I didn't even notice all the different kites. I only took a pic of the one that Dawn made!! Good eye, PTI CSI!!

Taheerah (*LittleMissT*) said...

You found kites that I didn't, don't know how I missed so many of them! Love all your recent cards BTW!