Friday, March 11, 2011

Wishing You Rainbows and Sunshine

If you happen to be landing here looking for the post from Papertrey Radio, you are in luck.  You can get to it straight from here.  Thanks for looking!

Well, I am off . . . on a race around the world.  Ok, in my dreams I would be running the Amazing Race.  In reality, I am starting a two and a half week journey that begins and ends with love.  Literally.

My husband's best friend is getting married tomorrow.  YEAH!!  So, we are traveling for a couple of days for that.  As soon as we get home (like 10 hours later), we are flying off to sunny California.  So, I am literally wishing you Sunshine (ummm . . . and Rainbows).  I know my family is excited for our vacation.  This is the first time we are taking the kids on a trip like this.  Your prayers would be GREATLY appreciated.  Oh, and then we return home we wait 3 days and then return to the same city we travel to today.  Yes, a complete circle.  My husband's brother is getting married.  WOO-WHOO! What are the odd's!!  Two weddings to be in.  The same month.  The same city.  And we are lucky enough to get to travel for both.  (there was maybe a very small hint of sarcasm in that)

I leave you with this fun card of circles . . . are you catching the theme?  I will catch you on the flip side, in the middle, or sometime again.

Stamps: Up Up and Away (Papertrey Ink); Let it Shine (Verve)
Paper: Stampers Select, Harvest Gold (Papertrey Ink)
Other: DMC Floss, Noir Ink (Pallette); Copics