Sunday, July 22, 2012


Done!!  This is my last badge to earn for the 2012 SAF (details found at Nichole Heady's blog).  I feel like balloons should drop from my crafting ceiling.  Or Nichole will show up at my door to give me a personal congratulations.  I am super pumped that I was able to play along.  I seriously have like zero follow through sometimes.

My son came in my craft room today asking me about the badges on my desk.  He wanted to know what they were for and if they were all that important to me (I secretly think he wanted them for his scout uniform, but who knows).  I paused and realized.  Yes, they are important to me.  I worked hard on each of my projects. I had fun in the process.

I learned a lot of new crafting techniques and more importantly learned a few things about me.  For instance, I work SO much better under pressure.  I do better when there is a set plan laid out in front of me.  I know what I need to do so I can just get to work.  No guess work.  I learned that I should really take a little more "me" time here and there.  (I currently take none.  Seriously.  I am a mess!!)  And most importantly, I learned that despite my short comings, my exhaustion, and the feeling like I could disappear tomorrow and no one would notice because I am just the cook, maid, and nanny - my family loves me and appreciates me.   Although I don't get to see a lot of the fruits of my labors right now, they really do value me as mom in this family.  (But it sure would be nice to get a "thanks mom" here and there)

Wow.  It is over with this post.  Just like that.  Gone.  As fast as it came.  Goodbye Stamp-a-Faire festivities.  I will hopefully see you next year.

Oh, and here is my DIY card.  :)  I used Betsy's medallion technique.  Have I mentioned how much I adore Betsy?  I totally do.

Thanks again for the comments, support, and visits.  It tickles me to pieces to be a part of such a fun community.

SAF Rainbow Badge

I finished.  I finished.  My Rainbow Badge is officially earned!!  I was letting the tie dyed background dry last night.  So, here is my finished project.

YES!!!  I am so happy.  Thanks for stopping by to see all my projects and things.  The sweet comments  put a smile on my face.  Thank you.

SAF Farewell

I am sad to see the day come to an end.   It was such a fun day - full of inspiration.  I didn't quite finish everything yet.  But, I will do my best to get in gear and finish before the Monday deadline.

Here is a look at what I was able to accomplish today.
I officially earned 5 of the 7 badges today.  You can see that I have started the Rainbow Badge or Tie-Die Techniques.  I am still letting it dry.  Otherwise, I still have the Homemade Embellishments left.  I haven't even watched the videos or read the blog post for it yet. :)

All in all, I am proud of myself for all of the accomplishments.  Oh how I wish I could talk my husband into an all day craft day more often.  It was fun and SO VERY needed today.

Thanks for stopping by.  I hope to finish up and get around to everyone else's blogs and things.

Farewell . . . it is lights out.

SAF Correspondence Badge

Woo-Hoo!  I earned another badge!  I made a set of quick and easy cards.  I used inspiration from Jessica Witty.  However, it all went wrong when I got to making the packaging.  I don't know if I didn't get a large glassine bag.  Or I made my cards too large.  But they simply would not fit the way she did hers.  I was sad as it was so super cute.  I adapted and moved forward.  I still put the cards and envelopes in a bag and used a hybrid of the way Betsy closed hers.  It all worked out in the end.

Here is a look at the set of notecards.
I stamped each of the cards the exact same way.  I only varied the sentiment and ribbon color.

Here is a look at them all packaged up.
Thanks for looking.   The comments have meant so much to me today.  Thank you again!!

Saturday, July 21, 2012

SAF Friendship Badge

I am impressed at the paper beads.  They have an interesting look.  I am so glad I was able to participate in this challenge.  I decided to branch out and try something.  I made my own paper to make my own color scheme.

I took some regular computer paper.  I then cut it to size.  I stamped a variety of backgrounds to match the theme of the bracelet - Red, White, and Blue.  I'm not sure if it is the Olympics coming up.  Or maybe it was because we just celebrated the 4th of July.  But, I have been drawn to that color scheme for a couple of months now.  

Here are the papers that I stamped.

Here is a closeup.
I die cut them with the PTI bead dies just like you would with their bead paper.  I used the same technique just with my own paper.  This is what came from it.
I am really excited about this bracelet.  I am planning on gifting it to my sister-in-law tonight.  They love July 4th and all things American.  I hope she likes it and can use it.

I also made the traditional PTI Bead Paper bracelet.  It turned out very elegant in my opinion.  At least my 5 year old daughter thinks it is Bee-you-ti-Ful!!!  :)

This was another great challenge.  Thanks to the PTI team for such an inspiring day.  I am going out for a while with my amazing husband - just the two of us!!  I will hopefully be back later tonight to finish up some more projects.  Until then . . . 

How I Watch the Papertrey Ink Videos

I am back from my lunch break.  I watched a few more videos while I ate.  It occurred to me that I should share how I watch the tutorials that are posted.

I hope this may help someone.  I know I love this option.  It is so helpful to see some of the techniques on the big screen.

I am ready to get back to work.  Friendship bracelet . . . your mine!

SAF Memory Conservation Badge

Check!  I earned another one!!!

This went together pretty easy for me considering I haven't been crafting much lately.  I love seeing how all the same elements can be used for such drastically different things.  I cannot wait to see what others and the PTI DT have done.  I have on purpose not looked so it wouldn't sway me or change what I might otherwise come up with.

I am having a great time.  I am taking a quick lunch break and then I will be back at it.

SAF Memory Preservation Badge

I have now earned my Memory Preservation Badge.  Yeah!!  I had a great time putting together this book for my new baby.  I made two and I am planning to gift these to both sets of grandparents.  They will love them.  I don't have the photos from Sam's yet.  If I get time, I will update with a few photos.  In the meantime, you get the idea with these photos.

I only included pictures of a couple of my favorite pages.  Still having a blast all by myself!!!  :)

As I normally use Papertrey Ink on just about all my cards these days, I should point out that I used a digital kit by Connie Prince called Oh the Places on this album.

SAF Knots Badge

I have just officially earned my Knots Badge.  Yeah!  You can read all the details here:  I used Melissa Phillips technique of ribbon leaves.  As soon as I saw it a light bulb went off.  Why didn't I think of that!!  It is so simple, but adds so much.  Here is my project.

Thanks for looking.  I am having so much fun.  Now off to feed baby.  I will be back later with my next project.

Good Morning SAF

What a great morning!  Right?  Right?  Ok, I am trying to convince myself that I am not that tired.  Although I am starting off a bit slow from a late night coupled with newborn interruptions, I am ready to roll today with all the online activities.

I am up.  I am already stamping.  I was up at 7am (or 6am my time).  I fed my son and got to work.  I am just now posting.  So, here is what I have been up to.

Yes, I finished my Make-n-Take.  Smart to start with a warm-up easy project.  It really did my juices going.  My crafting space is an utter mess.  I may have to take a break and clean on it some more because it is hard for me to create among chaos.

I look forward to getting started on the Knots Badge.  I have already been watching the videos.  Super exciting!!

Stamp-a-Faire Meet and Greet

I am playing along with the Papertrey Ink Summer Camp.  I wanted to post a quick greeting and show everyone where I will be for the next 24 hours or so.

I have a 10 week old baby.  Yeah!  Who eats around the clock.  Boo!  So, this should be interesting.  Dear Dad has said he would like nothing more than to keep our exclusively breast fed baby for the day and give me not only a day off but a fun day that would mean more to me than just about anything else.  For the record, I have spent 8 entire days of my life over the last 10 weeks doing nothing but feeding our child.  Yes, I am counting.  When Apple says they have an app for that, they really mean it.  My precious boy will be getting his 7th bottle in his life tomorrow.  Let's just say that I am secretly excited for my DH to really get a sense of what 3 kids by yourself is all about!!  Especially when one is still eating every 2 hours around the clock.  Yes, that is totally true.

So, I have decided to play the day by myself.  In all honesty, I don't want tomorrow to be miserable for either my husband or my son.  So, I will be crafting all alone in my humble little space at the back of my house.

I look forward to the morning . . . oh, speaking of my son.  His monitor is lighting up like the 4th of July altering me that I am needed.  See you all soon!

Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Stamper's First Aid

Ok, I am hesitant to even post this.  It is bad!  Very, very bad!!!  Talk about a card needing a "little" something.  WOW!  This card could certainly use that!  Papertrey Ink is taking submissions for a card that didn't really turn out quite right and could use a little something to make it better.  I knew immediately the card I had that fit the bill.  I always loved the idea of this card, but for some reason it turned out terrible.

Introducing . . . my flop of a card . . . an idea gone completely wrong . . .

Where do I even begin . . . ouch.  I was using a color scheme by Betsy Veldman (who happens to be my personal stamping guru.  Just ask her.  She'll tell you all about our friendship.  Ok, maybe don't ask her.  I am a fan (cough * stalker) from afar.)  The idea was there . . . I'm just not sure you can see it from the ugliness.  :)  First, the photo is horrific.  The lighting is all bad.  The colors are WAY off.  Second, this card is completely out of balance.  Talk about color blocking gone VERY bad.  I can think of like 10 things right now that would help this card.

What is so interesting is that I have saved this card.  I still have it sitting on my desk.  I don't know what it is about it.  I guess in my heart, I kept thinking that there was something here . . . that could be great.  Ok, that's it.  I am going to re-do this one too.  It is highly unlikely that my card will get selected, so I must come to the honor of my stamping life.  I will most likely not get to it until Saturday (or later if I get caught up in all the Stamp-a-Faire activities).

Prepare your heart and soul blog readers.  I am going to be posting up a storm on Saturday.  I hope.  It is my intention to participate in all of the challenges.  I mean, after all, I do have some badges to earn.