Saturday, August 29, 2015

My Red Carpet Show

It is 12:35 AM.  Trust me . . . you do not want to see a picture of me.  :)

Here is a look at what I was able to make at the 2015 Papertrey Ink Stamp-a-Faire:

Thank you Papertrey Ink for all of the work that went into this day!  I enjoyed what part I could be a part of.  Thanks to everyone stopping by to look and leave comments.  You make my day!

Mix and Match Challenge

I absolutely loved this challenge as well.  Betsy is my card making hero.  Dawn is my color hero.  It was a win-win for me!

Ultimately, I chose to come up with my own color combo.  I went so far out of my box that I lost it somewhere.  Seriously.  I lost my mind.  I have NEVER water colored with real actual water colors in my life.  And, I loved Laura Bassen's use of the clear bobbles from her "thread nest" video.  I could hear Tim Gunn over my shoulder saying "make it work".  So, I did what she said she used to do and put glossy accent bobbles on my card for the first time ever!  EVER!  How is that for out of the box?

I am crossing my fingers and hoping this looks ok.  I will admit that it isn't my best work.  But, I think the point is to get outside of your comfort zone.  And I smashed that out of the park!

I used Peerless Water Colors for the background.  I purchased them a year ago!  I bought them off of a discussion I was following (but I cannot remember where . . . it was a year ago).  I thought I would crack into them today.

The color scheme of Scarlet Jewel, Hawaiian Shores, and Summer Sunrise is way out there for me.  I adore Hawaiian Shores.  It is probably my favorite color.  I tend to go in spurts with Summer Sunrise.  But, I just don't find myself reaching for scarlet jewel ever.  I think it worked.  I see Tina scrunching her nose at it, and Heidi turning her head sideways as if she needs to see it in a new direction.  But, I gave it my best effort.  I did NOT play it safe.  It is Project Runway . . . go big or go home!

The balloons and Sentiment stamps are PTI.  But the sunshine stamp is from Verve Stamps.

It is late . . . I am exhausted.  Thanks for looking.  I hope that I can complete the remainder of the challenges.  If not, I still had a fun day!

Thread Nest

I have never seen or heard of a thread nest until today.  Brilliant!!  I liked the idea so much that I ran to the craft store to get some of the thread.  It is late.  No time for unnecessary words.  :)

I had lots of fun with this one.  Thanks for looking!

Unconventional Materials

I am playing along with Papertrey Ink today.  We were issued a challenge to use unconventional materials from the hardware store not to exceed $10.

So . . . here are my materials.

First in full disclosure, I did not go to the store to shop.  I am just thankful for the time to craft today. At 5:15 pm today (local time), I went to my husband's garage.  I started looking around.  I saw the wood filler right off but didn't pick it up. I rummaged around.  I found this bright orange flag.  I grabbed it thinking that would make for an interesting color and material.  Under the shelf with the flags, I saw this tag on a plastic pot.  So, I yanked it off.  I saw this string but passed it over thinking it was too easy.  I looked a little more and thought I would grab the wood filler.  After I found the inspiration for my card, I went back and got the string.

My original thought was to use the flag as a four wheeler flag.  Then I had the idea to remove the plastic.  I thought picnic blanket.  So, I came back to my room and sat . . . and sat . . and sat staring at these things.  What on earth could I possibly do?  I was afraid to stamp on the orange flag as it would be a smearing nightmare.  So, I started thinking about all the things that are bright orange.   And the idea hit me . . .

So here is what I came up with:

Hilarious!  Right?  I folded that flag piece in half and went to my sewing machine.  I was originally going to use the wood filler as texture for water.  But, it honestly looked so good as sand.  This was certainly a stretch for me.  It was fun and entertaining.  I hope my inspiration comes across.

Here are some other shots of my finished work.

I looked up the prices for the materials on Home Depot.  The wood filler is $2.98, a set of 15 flags is $3.88, the string is $2.57.  I am still counting the tag as free.  So with tax I am coming in real close to the $10 mark.  I think that is pretty good for grabbing a few things from my husband's garage.

I am excited to see what others have done now.  Thanks for looking!!

It is Time . . .

. . . for my once a year craft day!  Yay!  That is so sad though.  I miss getting to spend time in my little craft room just working away.  I finally have my very own room and life has just somehow got in to the way.  But it is ok.  I am having a blast making memories with my family.  And somehow . . . in years to come . . . I don't think I will ever regret the time I spent with them.

I am playing along with Papertrey Ink's Stamp-a-Faire again this year.

So without further ado . . . what you came here to see . . .  My Patterns Challenge Card!

I am also crazy about finishing a card to the complete . . . full!  So here is a peek of the inside of the card and the envelope.  

I had such a good time putting this together.  I hope you enjoy!  I will hopefully be back to share even more crafty goodness!

All supplies are from Papertrey Ink.