Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Write Plate Decked Out for Fall

I finally got around to taking a better photo of my write plate. The silly pumpkins are still turning out yellow in all the photos, though. I give up. So, yellow pumpkins it is. :)

Credits: Credits: Vector images - Birthday Cupcake BlockART by Tay Silver at Peppermint Creative

I will have to say that I enjoy decorating for fall even more than Christmas, GASP!! I think it has something to do with my DH. I adore Christmas and he vetoed my Christmas tree decorations about 4 years ago. So, now I just do a tree with plain balls and a little something on the mantle. He complained that I had decorated in peppermint candies and ginger breads. He didn't think that was "Christmas". So, I quit. But fall colors make me happy around this time of the year.

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