Sunday, October 04, 2009

Snack Bucket!! We have the snack bucket!
About once a month my daughter will get to bring home the snack bucket. We get to fill it with all kinds of yummy treats. I thought we would do a fun halloweenish treat. We don't really celebrate halloween in our family, but I love giving gifts and passing out treats to all. Also, halloween purples, blacks, oranges, etc. are just beautiful. Who can resist such brilliant colors?
For our treats, we made little mini bags. This were easy-peasy to do. Miss Mint from Peppermint Creative has this adorable bag for sale. You just decorate it with digital papers, print, and cut. For this project, I didn't want to incur a great expense. So, I printed the outside of the bag on regular printer paper. Then, I designed a lining of a solid digital paper and printed it on regular printer paper. However, you must mirror the lining so it will fit on the backside of the outside. I cut them both out. Then glued them front to back making a sturdier paper. Folded and assembled. Lining this mini-bag makes a more cost effective treat as well as adding cuteness.
Credits: Mini Gift Bag Template, Digital Pattern Papers, Digital Purple Swirl, and "I Want Candy Wordart" - Miss Mint from Peppermint Creative; Ribbon - Hobby Lobby

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