Saturday, October 03, 2009

Digital Cutting and Puchasing Shapes to Cut

I know there is a lot of debate over which is the best cutter out there.  I am certain that there are pro's and con's about every machine.  You really need to find those and figure out which one most meets your need.  I personally purchased a cricut.  I am by no means touting that it is the best machine, but simply the best machine for me. 

Reasons I love my cricut:
  • It is compact, easy to store, easy to get out, and easy to put away.
  • I can find blades, mats, etc. at many local stores (Wal-Mart and Hobby Lobby are both within 2 miles from my house).
  • I can use it with my computer (go to to find out more) to cut any true type font I own.
  • I can design any shape I want to cut and cut it on the computer.
  • I can get wonderful cartridges that have such cute graphics on them.  (watch online - many online stores get very competitive with pricing and you can pick them up for much cheaper than the regular price).
  • I can take it anywhere that I have power and still use it.
  • I am able to cut with my computer, but not bound to it.
  • I can do cart swaps with my friends.  If I want to use a cartridge that I don't have but a friend does, we trade carts for a few days.  You cannot trade, share, or swap digital files though, only the physical cartridges.
Here is my write plate decorated for the fall using vinyl, my cricut, and SCAL.

For my plate I used a design by Tay that can be purchased at  It is easy and fun to get pre-made designs.  It takes a lot of the guess work out of a project.  Tay gives good instructions with her downloadable "Vectors for Vinyl Cutting Machines" (a fancy way to say a pre-made file that you can import into SCAL and cut)  There are tons of shapes, decorations, die cut images, and such to fill your day with cutting.  You can use them for all types of things: cards, scrapbook pages, home decor, paper crafts, just to name a few.
Credits:  Graphics - Tay's Pumpkin Patch Commercial Vectors for Vinyl Cutting Machines available at Peppermint Creative; Vinyl - Expressions Vinyl

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