Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Stamper's First Aid

Ok, I am hesitant to even post this.  It is bad!  Very, very bad!!!  Talk about a card needing a "little" something.  WOW!  This card could certainly use that!  Papertrey Ink is taking submissions for a card that didn't really turn out quite right and could use a little something to make it better.  I knew immediately the card I had that fit the bill.  I always loved the idea of this card, but for some reason it turned out terrible.

Introducing . . . my flop of a card . . . an idea gone completely wrong . . .

Where do I even begin . . . ouch.  I was using a color scheme by Betsy Veldman (who happens to be my personal stamping guru.  Just ask her.  She'll tell you all about our friendship.  Ok, maybe don't ask her.  I am a fan (cough * stalker) from afar.)  The idea was there . . . I'm just not sure you can see it from the ugliness.  :)  First, the photo is horrific.  The lighting is all bad.  The colors are WAY off.  Second, this card is completely out of balance.  Talk about color blocking gone VERY bad.  I can think of like 10 things right now that would help this card.

What is so interesting is that I have saved this card.  I still have it sitting on my desk.  I don't know what it is about it.  I guess in my heart, I kept thinking that there was something here . . . that could be great.  Ok, that's it.  I am going to re-do this one too.  It is highly unlikely that my card will get selected, so I must come to the honor of my stamping life.  I will most likely not get to it until Saturday (or later if I get caught up in all the Stamp-a-Faire activities).

Prepare your heart and soul blog readers.  I am going to be posting up a storm on Saturday.  I hope.  It is my intention to participate in all of the challenges.  I mean, after all, I do have some badges to earn.

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