Sunday, July 22, 2012


Done!!  This is my last badge to earn for the 2012 SAF (details found at Nichole Heady's blog).  I feel like balloons should drop from my crafting ceiling.  Or Nichole will show up at my door to give me a personal congratulations.  I am super pumped that I was able to play along.  I seriously have like zero follow through sometimes.

My son came in my craft room today asking me about the badges on my desk.  He wanted to know what they were for and if they were all that important to me (I secretly think he wanted them for his scout uniform, but who knows).  I paused and realized.  Yes, they are important to me.  I worked hard on each of my projects. I had fun in the process.

I learned a lot of new crafting techniques and more importantly learned a few things about me.  For instance, I work SO much better under pressure.  I do better when there is a set plan laid out in front of me.  I know what I need to do so I can just get to work.  No guess work.  I learned that I should really take a little more "me" time here and there.  (I currently take none.  Seriously.  I am a mess!!)  And most importantly, I learned that despite my short comings, my exhaustion, and the feeling like I could disappear tomorrow and no one would notice because I am just the cook, maid, and nanny - my family loves me and appreciates me.   Although I don't get to see a lot of the fruits of my labors right now, they really do value me as mom in this family.  (But it sure would be nice to get a "thanks mom" here and there)

Wow.  It is over with this post.  Just like that.  Gone.  As fast as it came.  Goodbye Stamp-a-Faire festivities.  I will hopefully see you next year.

Oh, and here is my DIY card.  :)  I used Betsy's medallion technique.  Have I mentioned how much I adore Betsy?  I totally do.

Thanks again for the comments, support, and visits.  It tickles me to pieces to be a part of such a fun community.


- elbeth - said...

I love the zebra stripe, it makes the card so cool! Love your colours! Very well done!

Sandra H said...

This is so beautiful, x