Thursday, April 08, 2010

Color Book for my Papertrey Colors

I filmed this video in February.  I wasn't too impressed by the quality and kept thinking I would go back and re-film it.  Well, here it is April and I am just going to share it.  I am a tad gun shy about putting myself out there, but I really love this little tool I made and wanted to share it with all paper crafters.

Without further ado . . . my video about my color book . . .

I am going to show you some photos of my book.

I wanted to note that this could be done for any company of card stock and ink.  I just happen to exclusively use PTI.  And you could further embellish your book with ribbons, copics, etc.  I didn't show it, but I chose to do my copic colors in the very back of this book (mostly because copics are not "perfect matches" and I find that I use variants of different colors depending on the project anyway).  I didn't include ribbon either because this book is a color tool and not a inventory.

Of note, since I filmed this in February, I filled all my color holes and now have a complete color set.  :)

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Vintage Ritz said...

I didn't know if you were aware, so in case you are not, your video is "Private." Well, at least it is for me :). I would love to see more details about your color book. It looks wonderful from what I can see in the two photos.