Friday, March 02, 2007

Baby Shower Invites - DONE

One of my good friends had a baby back in January. She had moved prior to the birth and wasn't up for anything before. So, we are having a "Welcome Party" for her. Everyone can come and see (and hold) the baby. I, of course, volunteered to do the invites. That is a picture of their baby. Because I thought the photo was so cute, I had to use it on the invites. I thought they turned out so cute. However, these were very time intensive! I didn't think I would ever finish them. As some of you know, my sister-in-law and I make and sell all kinds of cards and invites. So, I can say with much experience behind me that these were intense. :) It was fun though because I haven't been able to do anything like it.
I said I was too busy to post and here I am blogging! I was so excited to get all my invites out the door today that I had to show them off.
Have a great weekend! I will most likely not be blogging again until Monday.

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