Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Wooden Blocks Anyone

Now that I am getting all my stamps organized, I have a new twist. I don't want to throw away all the wooden blocks that I have. I have seen people asking where to buy these in the past. I don't know if their is a need at all for my precious blocks. If you need some wooden blocks, let me know. I will ship them to you for shipping cost plus any other cost (i.e. envelope, ect.). Here is just the tip of the ice berg of my wooden blocks.

If you would like to give these guys a new home, email me (sillyleann AT gmail.com) and we can work it out.

On the lighter side of things, I have a cute story to tell you. My sister was putting her 5 year old to bed. They were talking about Easter and what it meant and what traditions we have. When it was time to fall asleep, my sister said she would pray first and then my neice could pray second. My sister prayed and said amen. My neice began to pray. "Dear Lord, thank you that it is almost Easter. And I could really use your help finding all those eggs."
I thought that was the cutest story. It is probably even cuter if you knew this spirited 5 year old.

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