Tuesday, November 06, 2012

Digital Scrapbooking - The Easy Way

I have shared more and more of my digital scrapbooking creations.  In fact, I really do virtually no paper scrapbook pages anymore.  So, I wanted to encourage all my paper crafters out there that you CAN do this.

I have a few loves in the crafting world . . . all things Papertrey Ink . . . all thing Shabby Princess!  These are two things that I buy without fail.  I just buy and buy and buy.  Papertrey Ink is a physical product company that has the MOST adorable things.  The entire team is amazing (yes, I met *stalked* them at CHA a couple of summers ago).  Shabby Princess is equally amazing in the digital world.  Her designs like Papertrey Ink are timeless, beautiful, and always look amazing.  And the SP team is equally amazing.  Although I only know them in a digital/online sense.  **I feel like I live half of the time in the real world and the other half in the matrix!!**

I was looking around a few months ago for something specific that I was needing for a digital book I was going to scrapbook.  I ran across something I found amazing!!  Pre-made elements . . . all the hard work done for you . . . I had been under a rock.  Where had this been all my life?  So, I ran over to the store that was carrying the digital genius products.  That is when I discovered Connie Prince Designs.  She has this amazing blog where she gives out freebies and showcases her amazing stuff.  Seriously, go check it out here:  http://scrapinfusions.blogspot.com.

Let me show you something I made that I was super happy with:

Now let me show you how easy it is to do this for yourself in a simple graphics program like Photoshop Elements.

I bet you didn't realize that all the hard work was done for me.  Amazing right??!!  I have this totally amazing layout that anyone . . . and I mean anyone . . . could totally do.  The best part . . . if you head over to her shop at Gingerscraps, you can get all the pieces for this layout for only $3.  AND you will have enough stuff to do lots more pages.  Paper scrapbooking doesn't hold a candle to the budget friendliness or the ease for the finished product.

Thanks for looking today.  I have a HUGE post that I am working on all about the big move . . . coming sooner than I would want.  And, I have started designing my new studio!!!!!!  I am hopefully going to have the time/energy to share all about that as well.

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