Friday, August 23, 2013

Stamp-a-Faire 2013 - I am ready!

I was putting a video together to show you my preparations.  I have been working all day to get my craft room cleaned up, cook, clean, and all the other essentials that a mom of 3 has in a day.  I am tired. It is late.  When I loaded my video clips into iMovie, I couldn't resist.

We moved into our home less than 3 months ago.  So, needless to say . . . my craft room is very much neglected.  :(  I haven't really been able to do anything in it.  Ok, very little.  I am looking forward to "breaking it in" tomorrow morning and all day.

Thanks for watching!  I will be back all day tomorrow sharing projects and such.

Here is a little peek where I will be all day:



Sandra H said...

Wow that's a lovely craft room x

aggiesgirl said...

OMG the video was so great the music made it and made my day, you go girl

Elaine said...

Awesome its fantastic x

Amy Kolling said...

Awesome video! Love your space!

Jennifer K said...

LeAnn! That video was awesome! I loved seeing your beautiful new home and wonderful crafting space.