Saturday, August 24, 2013

Custom Accents from the Oven

This was so fun!!!  I have never, ever in my life done a shrink plastic craft.  It was a total hoot!!

I admit that I was a bit worried when I peeked into my oven and saw this.

All the pieces were warped and turning into balls of ruin.  Then . . . all of the sudden.  They began to flatten into these cute little pieces of fun.

I loved making this super colorful and fun card.

I die cut a the largest star in the Seeing Stars Die Collection in matte.  I bought the inker type of alcohol ink so I couldn't stamp.  I don't own any other inks outside of PTI and a few tool inks like Watermark.   I used two of the biggest flourishes from Fancy Flourishes in clear.  I did a take off of Dawn McVey's idea to just keep them clear and add some glitter.

I am about to take a break and go have dinner with my wonderful husband.  I'll be back later to finish up the rest.  Six challenges down and four to go!!!!


Sandra H said...

Gorgeous card and what a fab idea to shrink plastic in the oven!! the mind great results though! x

Dawn McVey (dawnsing) said...

So cute!! And heehee....I love that you took a picture of inside your oven....I almost did that too! I also had the same worried feeling when I saw them looking pretty crazy! Haha!

Jennifer K said...

Looks great, LeAnn. Love all the colorful circles and the star and flourish. I didn't try this technique (yet) but it looks like fun.