Friday, February 22, 2013

The Planning Part 2 - The Craft Room

This is a continuation of the planning of my new craft room.  If something doesn't make sense, go back to the previous post or ask.

Now that I knew where my room would be, I went fast to work to on the floor plans.  After lots of thinking, looking, planning, soul-searching . . . again . . . I finally had the floor plans complete of "my little craft place in the world".

(insert pic of floor plans)

Basically, I have a 12.5 x 7 room with a "4 foot wide by 18 inches deep" nook.

I just thought the hard part was behind me.  Ha ha ha ha ha ha . . . ha!  The joke was on me.  NOW, the work begins!  Oh the pressure!!  :)  What to do?  I was given a budget by my husband (and a very generous one in my opinion) of $2500.

I revisited all my Pinterest pins again.  I began to notice how many people use Ikea furniture and JetMax cubes.  The research of dimensions and price began.  Thank you, Jesus, for the internet.  I don't know how in the world people did this kind of thing before having such amazing tools at their disposal.    In my research, I came across many other things as well.  I wanted to show you everything I explored before landing at my final destination.  My hope is that all my time (and admitted neuroses) would benefit someone out there.

I found some AMAZING and beautiful Martha Stewart furniture.

This stuff is seriously beautiful.  But, it was such a hefty price tag.  This drawer unit piece alone was $399.  It also had a huge footprint.  I would only be able to get 2 of the drawer units in my craft room with a small desk space.  Nothing else, and I mean nothing else would fit in there now.  I was bummed.    I cried wishing I had seen this furniture before I set out making floor plans.

The main Ikea pieces I looked at were the Billy Bookcases and the Alex drawers.

Source: via LeAnn on Pinterest

The bookshelf cannot be beat at $60.  And the drawers would be a bit more expensive at $120 each, but I thought they would make great space.

Then, it hit me.

I can do anything I want.  I can do anything I want.  As in, change how I previously stored things.  I can re-imagine my current storage.  I could update, correct, and finally design a space that fits me rather than fitting me into a space.

Oh boy!

This could get interesting!!


Sandra H said...

Oh it's looking good! x

Jennifer K said...

Isn't it fun planning a new space?! A bit tiring, yes, but fun too. Looking forward to the end product.